Oh You Shouldn’t Have

My birthday is more than a month away, but I’ve received an early gift. My driver’s license expires this year and I was dreading having to take an afternoon and go to the DMV to renew it.

Given the choice between going to the DMV or the endodontist — I would choose the endodontist because you receive pain meds not only before, but also after the procedure.

bitmoji-20160602140505 (3)For only a $1.00 service fee, I have been bestowed with a great present: my new driver’s license delivered to my mailbox.

The best part is, I got mine before Illinois complicates adopts new policies to comply with federal requirements for enhanced security .

The only bad news is I’m stuck with that horrible picture for another four years.


2 thoughts on “Oh You Shouldn’t Have

  1. Have you gone through the B.S. of getting your license plate sticker renewed yet? I was so proud of myself for remembering to register online since the state no longer mails us reminders that we owe more money. I needed my new sticker by May 1st, ordered it online mid March. Finally at the end of May, Rich went TO THE DMV with our proof of online payment to get it. Seriously??!! I’m glad you don’t have to deal with the morons in person for your new license. It’s SO worth the extra dollar and keeping a bad pic. LOL

    1. Yes – somehow how I managed to keep track of our 4 cars and ordered all of the plates online without missing a deadline. I finally broke down and signed up for online notification. Seriously, given the option I’d also pay the “fee” to pay for my own postage if they’d just mail put notifications like they used to.

      I hate this state .

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