Fools To The Left Of Me And…

….well you know the rest of the line of that song.

I try to avoid talk of politics but this is getting scary now.

It’s less of a matter of who I want to vote for, but rather who I know I can’t in good conscience vote for. I can’t believe that sentence concerns who will be the next leader of the United States. Unfortunately I believe that will be the dilemma of many voters this November.

I hate talking politics and ignore the banter on social media. I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the debates this spring because all it involved was everyone trying to one-up each other with insults, jokes and personal attacks. It was a competition to see who’s quips were outrageous enough to be replayed the next morning on radio and tv stations. From what I did see on the news, it appeared most were auditioning a stand-up comedy routine.

Ironically I found myself in several discussions about politics during my trip to Scotland. When people found out I was an American, they were inquisitive. “How did I feel about the political candidates? What on earth are they thinking supporting him? What do you think is going to happen if he gets elected?”

He of course is Donald Trump. All I could do was answer truthfully. I thought the group of people we had to choose from was poor at best. I at first believed Trump’s intent to run was a joke and finally I think this country is in dire jeopardy if this man gets elected. Most simply just shook their heads, and agreed the entire situation looked grim for the US and they didn’t envy the choice we’d have to make. They sympathized with us though they admitted, they too have problems with government.

Over the last several week, Trump is clearly providing daily proof that there is no room for him and his lack of mouth control in the White House. The reality is THIS IS NOT A REALITY SHOW and he is treating it as such. For heaven’s sake, even staunch Republicans are trying to distance themselves from association with him. Former President Ronald Reagan’s son was quoted saying he does not plan on voting for Trump, nor does he believe if his father was still alive he’d support him either. Now I just read the Bush family are voicing similar opinions.

So over the next few months, I’ll going to keep an updated list of places to go if the unimaginable happens. Here’s my starting list:

5 Countries that will welcome you if Trump becomes president.

Maybe the UK will take pity on us soon and extend an invitation.



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