Fools To The Left Of Me And…

….well you know the rest of the line of that song.

I try to avoid talk of politics but this is getting scary now.

It’s less of a matter of who I want to vote for, but rather who I know I can’t in good conscience vote for. I can’t believe that sentence concerns who will be the next leader of the United States. Unfortunately I believe that will be the dilemma of many voters this November.

I hate talking politics and ignore the banter on social media. I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the debates this spring because all it involved was everyone trying to one-up each other with insults, jokes and personal attacks. It was a competition to see who’s quips were outrageous enough to be replayed the next morning on radio and tv stations. From what I did see on the news, it appeared most were auditioning a stand-up comedy routine.

Ironically I found myself in several discussions about politics during my trip to Scotland. When people found out I was an American, they were inquisitive. “How did I feel about the political candidates? What on earth are they thinking supporting him? What do you think is going to happen if he gets elected?”

He of course is Donald Trump. All I could do was answer truthfully. I thought the group of people we had to choose from was poor at best. I at first believed Trump’s intent to run was a joke and finally I think this country is in dire jeopardy if this man gets elected. Most simply just shook their heads, and agreed the entire situation looked grim for the US and they didn’t envy the choice we’d have to make. They sympathized with us though they admitted, they too have problems with government.

Over the last several week, Trump is clearly providing daily proof that there is no room for him and his lack of mouth control in the White House. The reality is THIS IS NOT A REALITY SHOW and he is treating it as such. For heaven’s sake, even staunch Republicans are trying to distance themselves from association with him. Former President Ronald Reagan’s son was quoted saying he does not plan on voting for Trump, nor does he believe if his father was still alive he’d support him either. Now I just read the Bush family are voicing similar opinions.

So over the next few months, I’ll going to keep an updated list of places to go if the unimaginable happens. Here’s my starting list:

5 Countries that will welcome you if Trump becomes president.

Maybe the UK will take pity on us soon and extend an invitation.



Sometimes You Just Need To Breathe Deeply

Yesterday was a test of patience.zen stones

Needing to pick up some things from the grocery store I decided yesterday was my best option. I typically work from home most Fridays and I normally save shop then. And I try to avoid doing it on the weekends unless it’s only for a few things. My dog has been out of sorts all week with my husband away on business and my having to go into the office, so I wanted to spend the entire day at home.

The first “take a deep breath” moment when I was in the Asian/Mexican food aisle. I was searching for a very specific sauce I needed for a new recipe. As I tried to concentrate and read all the labels, two women (presumably mother and daughter) discussed the proper way to make tostadas. This inane conversation went on forever as “Gavin” first ran up and down the aisle, then began doing “donuts” in the middle of the aisle. As he spun in circles, somehow miraculously not knocking anything off of the shelves or us over, I wanted to scream “the typical tostada is comprised of refried beans, spread on a flat shell, sprinkled with seasoned meat of your choice, topped with shredded cheese. Upon heating it up in the microwave just enough to melt the cheese, top with sour cream, shredded lettuce and diced tomato. And Gavin, dammit stop it! Boom. Done. Now please vacate this aisle so I can think in peace.” But I didn’t say anything. I just simply waited until they left on their own accord.

Next up, the meat counter for burgers. The woman in front of me was taking forever. Everything she ordered, was accompanied by a special request. “The filets. Can you wrap them in packages of two, and can you make sure to wrap them properly so I can freeze them when I get home? I want 4 lobster tales, but can please split the shells and wrap them separately? The ribs. I want two slabs, but can you remove the membrane from the back?” Mind you this is not a specialty butcher, it’s just a meat counter.

Just as I was about to doze off, when a second person came from the back to help with the rest of us waiting in line. “Three bacon burgers and three regular cheeseburgers, please,” and “wrap them any damn way you want,”  Had they only had burgers in the regular coolers I could have avoided all of this. Continue reading “Sometimes You Just Need To Breathe Deeply”

Not Even If John Stamos Fed It To Me With A Spoon

Am I the only person left in the world who hasn’t embraced Greek yogurt?

Last year, in an attempt at healthier eating as well as combat the side effects from chemo I started eating yogurt again. I say again, because I used to eat the low-fat, artificially sweetened versions when I was dieting. While I don’t hate it, I certainly don’t crave it. I’m not the type of person who says, “I’m hungry, I want yogurt.” I’m more the type of person that says, “Shit, the donuts are gone, I guess I’ll have yogurt.” Continue reading “Not Even If John Stamos Fed It To Me With A Spoon”

Just Like The Old Days

When I was a college student, I ate like a college student. That included a lot of fast food and a lot of beer. In a pinch, like when I only had a short time between classes, I’d eat out of the vending machines. Many lunches consisted of those day-glow orange peanut butter crackers, chips and Diet Pepsi. Maybe a Slim Jim if I had time to stop at a convenience store. Continue reading “Just Like The Old Days”

Living Dangerously

Before I left for work this morning, I searched the fridge for anything I could bring along. I grabbed a yogurt, a few pieces of fruit, but was looking for something a little more substantial on this chilly, snowy winter day. Aside from some very old leftovers that I haven’t gotten around to dumping in the trash and about 20 bottles of hot sauces and other condiments, the shelves were pretty bare.

Next I checked the pantry. As usual, the pantry shelves were over-flowing. It’s a large pantry and things often get shoved to the back. This is where we keep the snacks, baking supplies and canned goods, along with anything else that I can’t cram into a regular cabinet. There I found a plastic canister of crab and corn chowder. I typically avoid eating canned soups. The sodium level is much too high for me, but I do like to keep a few on hand if someone gets sick.

I am now faced with a dilemma. Continue reading “Living Dangerously”

Oral Hygiene Etiquette

 Over the past year or so I’ve noticed a disgusting habit that’s become commonplace. While walking outside, it seems that everywhere I look, I find countless plastic dental flossers littering parking lots. I tend to look at the ground as I exit my car or step off the curb to make sure I’m not landing on a puddle or in a crack in the pavement. I try to avoid getting my shoes dirty or twisting my ankle, but what I can’t seem to avoid are those flossers. I’ve seen them as I’m walking along the sidewalks in downtown Chicago and even while in San Diego last summer. They’re everywhere.flosser

I just don’t understand. Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Etiquette”

What Do You Know?

Someone recently asked me, “Knowing what you now know, what would you do over?” This wasn’t meant as a deep conversation starter, rather a writing prompt to see if I in fact, still could. Continue reading “What Do You Know?”