This Is News?

Three days ago who would have guessed the big news would be one inappropriate comment by a fashion reporter? For those of you living without media for the past several days, Guiliana Rancic from Fashion Police commented¬†about Zendaya, an actresses’ dreadlocks during an Oscar’s Red Carpet show. Her statement was that “her hair looked like it smelled of patchouli oil and weed” has caused quite an uproar. Continue reading “This Is News?”


Does Good Sportsmanship Still Exist?

I used to believe playing sports built character. The only organized sports team I belonged to was the track and field team in high school. Fortunately for us we had an outstanding coaching staff. They taught good sportsmanship by example. We followed the rules and regulations without question. Continue reading “Does Good Sportsmanship Still Exist?”

Age Of Idiocy?

“Stupid is as stupid does” (Forrest Gump)

Okay, I swear it was not my intention to turn this blog into the Cancer Central, but I read an article that made me angry and I’m sure will engage lots of debate in the media in the coming days. A 17-year-old Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient in Connecticut, wished to discontinue treatment after only two chemo sessions and her mother supported her decision. Because the girl is a minor, DCFS has stepped in and forced the girl to follow doctors orders and continue treatment.

As a parent and a current cancer patient I have some strong views on this topic. First off, the girl has a very good chance of recovery. We are not talking about a patient who perhaps has been fighting for years, increasingly growing weaker and simply is tired of fighting. It is not uncommon for some patients to stop treatment, but that is not where this story begins. It begins with a girl not wanting to have chemo. Guess what, no one wants to have chemo. Children don’t want to have vaccinations, take medicine or go to bed, but as parents we do what we believe to be in the best interest of our children. Apparently she does not want poisons in her body and to have the side effects such as hair loss and nausea. She chose to run away to avoid future treatments. Sounds just like the behavior of a child. Continue reading “Age Of Idiocy?”

Where’s Officer Friendly When You Need Him?

caution***WARNING*** Rant in progress.

My daily commute to work is threatening to turn me into a crazy person. It doesn’t help that my 17 mile drive to and from the Continue reading “Where’s Officer Friendly When You Need Him?”

A Bad Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome

foot-in-mouthI rarely pay attention to sports-related news stories until something big happens, such as the racist remarks made by LA Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling. Over the next several days I heard various clips of interviews after the initial story. He was trying to explain that his remarks weren’t meant as racist. He continues to deny any wrongdoing. The problem is, the more he tries to justify and explain, the worse he sounds. The more he tries to convince the world that he isn’t a racist, the more the world believes he’s a racist. But this post is less about Donald Sterling’s inane remarks and more to do with the fact that in his feeble attempt to explain himself, the more damaging his statements become.

And who hasn’t been there? You’re having a misunderstanding with someone and your words get misconstrued. You try to explain what you really meant and with every word that comes out of your mouth, you make things worse. You end up getting more frustrated because no matter what you say, you end up looking like an even bigger idiot. All you want to do is patch things up, but the other person is getting more angry with each attempt. Eventually, you reach a point where you know the best thing you can do for the situation is shut the hell up. Hopefully when things settle down, tempers and egos settle, an honest conversation can take place. Up until that time, it’s better to be silent.

It’s unfortunate that a friend couldn’t have made that suggestion to Donald Sterling.

What A Turkey

AngryTurkeyPNGGee, if only we could do something to help our employees out, but what?

I just saw that a Walmart in Ohio staged a holiday food drive for the poor and asked employees to donate. What is wrong with that you may ask yourself? The poor, happen to be fellow employees who otherwise may not be able to afford to feed their families a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.

Did it ever occur to Walmart execs that they are a FOOD store? Would it be such a hardship for them to donate food to those employees? A small turkey, a sack of potatoes and a can of corn to those in desperate need would not bankrupt the company and would do a whole heck of a lot for employee moral, especially considering they’ll want them all back at work before the pumpkin pie is served to get a jump on the competition for the pre-Black Friday hysteria.

I Hope I Don’t Get A Paper Cut

A constructive use of a gloomy, rainy Sunday: shredding the huge stack of credit card offers that have accumulated over the past month.
A constructive use of a gloomy, rainy Sunday: shredding the huge stack of credit card offers that have accumulated over the past month.

It’s been a gloomy Sunday in Northern Illinois. Though temperatures are mild, the result has caused some tornado activity in the area. While it’s a perfect day to curl up on a comfy chair and read, I had more pressing things to do. With tomorrow being trash day, I figured it was a good time to take care of the stacks of paper that needs shredding. While some of the pile consists of ¬†legitimate documents, bank statements, credit card bills, the majority of it arrived as unsolicited mail. Continue reading “I Hope I Don’t Get A Paper Cut”